NJB EarCandles

NJB Candles is proud to offer you high quality ear candles at low prices. We are a family owned and operated business, started in 1992. We take pride in offering you the best quality, hand wrapped ear candles in several options. Our candles are wrapped tightly to ensure an airtight seal at the seams. We spent a year perfecting the design to ensure a true wicking action, designed for maximum performance while being comfortable and easy to use.

We offer our candles in beeswax, regular, and lavender. We also offer 2 sizes. Regular size recommended for adults, approximately 10" long and 3/4" wide at top, and Small-long, recommended for children and people with smaller ears, approximately 11-12" long and 5/8" wide at top.


In our experience, due to the nature of beeswax, a much better quality cone is produced when blended with the higher grade dripless wax. The result is an exceptionally sturdy, long burning cone with a much smaller accumulation of powder residue, while maintaining the beneficial properties of beeswax. The entire cone will remain airtight (a *must* for proper performance) and is substantially more resistant to crushing or collapsing during handling and use.


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